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Project Description


The City of Los Angeles Workforce Development Board awarded the Tesla Foundation and East Los Angeles College a WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) grant to create the first-ever Aerial Robotics Training and Internship Program. This is the first time such a program has happened under a city run workforce development department.

This ground breaking Tesla Foundation Project focuses on youth at risk. “The incredible potential of these young people to innovate cannot be ignored. So many times because of lack of opportunity and exposure to 21st Century Technology and Soft Skills, our young people don’t take the necessary steps to fulfill their dreams of a career or starting an innovative business.” said Keith Kaplan, CEO Tesla Foundation.

Access to 21st century technology, soft skills, and project based education is key to the outcome of a young persons life. “We find that there are many “lost Einsteins” – women, minorities, and children from low-income families who would have had high-impact discoveries had they been exposed to innovation while growing up.” said Raj Chetty, Professor of Economics, Stanford University.
* link to executive summary: here

Innovation exposure, technology projects, and training is key. The Tesla Foundation has partnered with the right organizations and agencies to create these opportunities for women, and underserved individuals: The City of Los Angeles Work Force Centers, Job Corps LA, East Los Angeles College, GoodWill, and the Los Angeles Area Veteran’s Service Organizations.

The Tesla Foundation’s efforts to continue to deploy it’s 21st Century Learning Modules and Tesla List are being embraced by public private partnerships such as these. As this work continues, it is imperative that the commitment to the inventive and innovative nature of our young be nourished. These incredible young people need exposure to these 21st Century tools for life, there economic mobility depends on it.

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